Confrontational in the Morning

Monday mornings bring out the best in people in metro Detroit. No clue as to why people want to invite confrontations when there is no need for one, boggles the mind and adds cement to my theory that the human race for all it’s innovations and ingenuity is still very much one with animals. Many reminding me of puffer fish and other small animals who like to put on big intimidating displays to try and scare off other animals. Needless to say these displays bore the hell out of me, but still make me chuckle for a bit. Take the following as a case in point:

This morning I was driving up US 24 heading to work at job #1. Now driving in Michigan I have had my share of watching people drive like bloody idiots. Some drive so badly you wonder how they ever got their driver’s license. Anyways as I was driving, some lady in some sort of ugly SUV/minivan type vehicle comes around the turnaround from southbound to northbound and slides into my lane a little too close for my confort. I was going 50 mph which is considerably more than any vehicle coming off of a turnaround. To avoid rear-ending her I checked the lanes on either side of me real quick and swerved over, no harm no foul. Nothing happened, you would think. I pull up to the traffic light and stopped on the red signal, waiting patiently for the green light, when I hear a horn beeping next to me. At first I did not look because not like anyone I know would be in this neck of the woods, nor were there any other problems I could see. The beeping became more insistant so natural reflexes had me turn toward the sound. It was the lady who caused me to change lanes. I had my windows up but she was still yelling loud enough for me to hear clearly, “What? You gonna hit me?” all the while flailing her hands in anger. Odd because I never got close enough to hit her, I missed her and even if I stayed in the lane I probably would have not hit her at the expense of my brakes, just didn’t want to chance it. I rolled my window down very slightly, I like auto windows nowadays, and replied, “What? You WANTED me to hit you?” I did not waste time waiting for a reaction as the light had turned green and I was needing to get to work. If I smacked into her, even though it would have been her fault for mistiming her turn, I could understand a bit of road rage. But road rage where nothing happened just proves to me that the lady is a total nutter.

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