Why Be Rude?

Whatever happened to the days when if someone dialed the wrong number, they would at least apologize to the person on the other end? Especially if it’s the middle of the night. I’m a natural night owl so I was already awake, but this morning at around 3am somebody rang me on the phone. A call at 3am at my house can be only one of two things. Either one of my U.K. friends are calling me, which they have not done in years and I miss hearing their voices. The other, and more likely scenario is that something happened to a loved one which would cause my brain to panic fearing the worse.

So anyways, I pick up the phone before first noticing the caller ID because again, who calls me at 3am without some urgent reason. I do the normal universal greeting of “Hello?” with no response. I repeat slightly louder, still no response. Then the person on the other end hangs up without so much as a “Sorry, I dialed the wrong number.” I then looked at the caller ID, love that invention, and saw that it was a person from down in Alabama. Don’t know anyone from Alabama. Dialing the wrong number happens sometimes, but at least apologize to the person for inconveniencing them, or causing them a slight panic thinking a family member or friend is in trouble. Luckily I was not in bed yet.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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