Constant Connection

Okay, obviously I cannot be too anti technology if I am blogging on the internet or reading the news from my computer screen instead of a stack of dead trees. When is too much, too much? Modern technology and conveniences are awesome. Despite the many negatives of the internet, it can also supply a wealth of information with a click of a button as well as entertain us. Computers are everywhere and aren’t going away anytime soon.

The downside I see to all of this of course, is constant connection. First comes the laziness factor. These days, instead of actually going out and getting the exercise of walking around doing shopping, it can all be done online. Getting up to answer the phone? Thing of the past. Don’t even think about heading down to your local cinema or video rental or record shops, you can watch movies and listen to music online. I remember as a kid, they would run an ad during the afternoon cartoons warning of the dangers of becoming a “couch potato”. Screw all that logic now, it’s too late, but instead of a couch it is a computer chair. If you can do everything without even getting up, what’s the point? Eventually robots will be perfected and made cheaply available so that we won’t even have to get up from the chair to get food and drink. I see the movie “Wall-e” being very prophetic right now, and I don’t usually put much stock in prophets.

The second issue I have is now pretty much everything from banking/finances to the simple joy of music and reading is done through computer. Nothing tangible. Very soon, DVDs and CDs are going to go the way of VHS and cassette tapes. Keyless entry for cars and businesses already exist. And really, if money is all done by electronic transfer does anybody really have money or are they spending or making money? And just how secure are all your important financial and medical records? Your computer decides to go wonky, or you get hacked, or get a virus, or something happens to knock out electricity or you have no way of powering up anything (batteries only last so long) you are SCREWED. Everything you downloaded is gone, and if you paid money for downloading then I am sorry but that all went bye bye as well. I prefer to have a physical backup myself. I prefer to hold a paycheck in my hand and get physical money from it when I cash it, and if I lose it it’s then my own damn fault. I want my books on my shelves so when I am stuck without power, I can still read. I admit though on the music front that I would still be stuck without in case of power failure, but I want to be able to put a physical disk into a player other than my computer anywhere at any time to listen to my favorite tunes or be able to lend and borrow music at will. Same with movies. If I pay for something, I want to be able to view or listen to it at any time I please and how often I please and not worry about it getting wiped from a database and be lost until the next time I shell out time and money to buy another virtual copy.

No, I don’t think I am being an old curmudgeon. I just see this world going the human race becaming nothing more than vegetables hooked up constantly to machines and never experiencing anything tangible. Just be born, hooked up like a Borg from “Star Trek” and be continuously linked to a collective of other lifeless zombies constantly being fed information but no ability to use that information, then slowly fade away.


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