Holiday Fibbing

Consider the following a moment, and really think of the logic. Any proper parent worth their salt teaches their children from a very early age that lying is wrong, evil even. In religous households and churches, it is even taught that lying is so bad that you can suffer for all eternity in damnation for it. Yet for many, many years parents insist on lying to their children about various figures such as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, etc. Sure, it seems to be a harmless way to pacify a child or get them into the spirit of a holiday they may not readily understand at a certain age. But would this not also send mixed messages to a child who has had drilled into their head that lying is wrong? Has anyone ever thought about what it may look like through the child’s eyes once they realize their parents essentially lied to them after being lead to believe for so many years that certain things truly exist when they clearly do not?

When I was a child of about 9 years of age, an older boy in school broke the news to me about Santa. I asked my mother later on if it was true or if the boy was just being his usual annoying self. Mum told me the truth, but also tried to feed me some story to soften the blow of the reality that I had been lied to. I had been lied to many times by other people before and since, but never had I thought my own parents would lie to me. I was crushed. Felt to me like yet more people I could not really fully trust, which goes against the natural instinct of trusting your parents in everything. I still enjoyed the holidays pretty much, but the whole “magic” of it all was gone and forever missed.

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