Let the Season of Greed Begin!

Ahh Thanksgiving! A time to surround oneself with friends and family. A time of feasting and giving thanks to whomever, or whatever, for what bounty you have been blessed with in whichever form it takes. A time to kickstart that Christmas shopping, shoving people out of the way by force if necessary for that 9pm Thanksgiving night door buster sale at your local big box store with a heavy disregard for those who are forced to work instead of spending a holiday off with the ones they care about.

Oh yeah, it’s that bad now. Back in the early 90’s it was thought of as crazy to open a store before 6am on the day after Thanksgiving, but now stores are opening doors the night of! Pardon me but I don’t feel that saving a couple of bucks on the latest gadget that will be obsolete in a month justifies camping out for a day or two in front of a store in frigid weather to be the first one in the door of a big 1am sale. The sad thing is, and people fail to realise this, is the fact that those products they flaunt a big sale on pops up again in another week or so at normal store hours for perhaps the same or even better sale price. People trample people to get in the doors at these things. And of course the cover of late night is just the right setup for thieves. Stores feeding on the greed of Americans and Americans allow it and this goes on well into New Years. Holidays are no longer important to people, it’s all about the almighty dollar and it’s pathetic.

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