Another Movie So Soon

Okay this was one of those spur of the moment things. Went and saw Cowboys & Aliens Friday night. Originally I was going to wait until it came out on dvd to see it, but the bf’s best bud was in town and he and his wife wanted to see it so we went with them. I was on the fence about this movie, still am sort of. It is definitely not the blockbuster hit of the summer, but it was not all that bad either. Mixing two genres is always tricky. Westerns, typically set in around the late 1800s combined with the futuristic concept of alien visitors and space ships is normally not a good thing to attempt without master storytellers in charge. This is passable, but more of a rental type of movie.

Daniel Craig plays a lone cowboy with amnesia who wanders into an Arizona town. He wears a strange bracelet he cannot explain. Someone in town spots a wanted poster with his face on it, and after a little confrontation gets thrown in a holding cell. Later as he is about to be transported to a real jail, the aliens make their appearance and start abducting the townspeople. The mysterious stranger and remaining townspeople must now track down the aliens and rescue their kin. Simple premise really, but some things could have been a bit more elaborated upon and not so rushed.

Keep looking toward the setting sun, for there is where you may find me lurking amongst the shadows.


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