Two For One

Friday I was done with work early so I decided to catch a matinee showing of the latest Harry Potter film. As I have said multiple times, matinees are the way to go especially when you’re on a tight budget but still want to enjoy going out of your house to see a movie. I was pleased with the movie on the whole, though it did leave the viewer pondering a couple unanswered questions if they did not read the books. I prefer to read the books from which the movies were adapted after watching the movie, that way I can enjoy the movie without picking apart things left out of or added to the story. If you enjoyed the other Harry Potter films, you will not be disappointed in this, the finale which brings back the main band of characters for explosive battles, revelations, and all you would expect from a good story. Might even prompt you to check out the books if you haven’t yet. Years ago when the first one came out, I never thought I would get hooked on the series. It is truly a refreshing break from all of the mediocre remakes and reboots and the retelling of tales over and over again that seem to be the norm for movies nowadays.

After watching Harry Potter in a sparsely populated theater, it was a 4:30pm on a Friday showing afterall, the manager of the theater approached many of us patrons. He gave us all free passes to a future movie and apologized for the faulty air conditioning in that particular theater room. I noticed nothing wrong with the air conditioning, infact I was downright comfortable and compared to the heat wave outside it was quite cool. But I am not going to turn down free tickets. So went out for dinner at a nearby restaurant I haven’t been to in awhile and went back to the theater later that night to watch Captain America.

Captain America is the latest installment in a line of Marvel Comics based movies that will lead into the Avengers movie due out in 2012. As far as being exactly to the comic book I am not sure, but then again how many films are exactly true to their source material word for word or scene for scene? The story is pretty much there though. It’s set during World War II. Steve Rogers, your average guy type of character, wants desperately to serve his country in the military. Warning to non-Americans: yes it is ripe with American patriotism, it is Captain America afterall. After being repeatedly turned down by the military who see him as unfit to serve, a scientist recruits him for an experiment to make him into a super soldier and thus the Captain is born. At first, the military uses him as a propaganda mascot pushing war bonds and stuff. Hearing of soldiers in need of help he springs into action and proves his worth as a soldier himself and continues on many adventures fighting bad guys. Great movie, though there were moments I would flash back to The Matrix while watching Hugo Weaving play bad guy Red Skull. Another refreshing change of pace from all the incarnations of Batman, Spider Man, and Super Man out there. Not that I have anything against those movies, I love most of them, but you have to admit there are many versions of those over the many years of filmmaking.

Keep looking toward the setting sun, for there is where you may find me lurking amongst the shadows.

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