Is it Right?

My sister amazes me sometimes. In a recent conversation, she made it sound as if she wanted my mum to just throw every little thing she has away that she had accumulated over her lifetime. Maybe I should backtrack here a sec, this adult ADHD you know lol. My parents were married for nearly 40 years, quite a feat these days. Shortly after my dad passed away earlier this year, my mother decided that perhaps it would be in her best interest to move out of the house she currently lives in to somewhere where she can have somebody nearby in case of an emergency. Her health is not all that great and does not need to be all alone. Well upon going through all my dad’s stuff we discovered that he had a LOT of stuff lol. Sure, a lot of it was junk but the rest was not. He had huge collections ranging from weapons and models to fishing equipment and artwork he created himself. And then there is my mothers posessions. My parents never had much money so what they usually managed to scrape up enough money to get was important to them. Little by little my sister and I have been helping my mother pack up stuff and trying to figure out the trash from the treasures. But my sister seems to want to get rid of even the treasures. Things my mom could never replace even if she tried, and some things that would just remind her of better times. She lost so many things unwillingly over the years since we left Hamtramck and now my sister expects her to give up even more. I believe it should be my mom who decides when to let go of her own things, not my sister. Sis just don’t seem to get it, and she’s the older sibling.

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