American Faux Pas?

A couple strange things I’ve noticed on a recent visit to a Home Depot:

Some teenage guy sporting a Union Jack flag on his shirt. Now I have nothing wrong with wearing the flag of another nation, hell I wore the Union Jack on a jacket of mine for years. What was strange about this was the shirt said ENGLAND. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the English flag white with a red cross and the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain the Union Jack? I have heard many British folk complain for hours on end about how the two are totally NOT the same and do not understand how foreigners can make this mistake. England is one country and the United Kingdom, as the name implies, is a kingom consisting of many countries of which England is a member. So would it not be more appropriate for the kid’s shirt to say UNITED KINGDOM when showing the Union Jack flag or if he prefers to have his shirt say ENGLAND should it not be England’s flag on display?

Another oddity I came across was something that came to my attention when a man in front of me began to complain about the Coca Cola bottles that were displayed near the store’s self checkout lanes. I had saw them there earlier but didn’t really give much thought since they do sell Coke products in their refreshment cases. The man was all up in arms about these being Mexican Cokes. Why is a store in the northern U.S. selling Mexican Coca Cola bottles, what is wrong with the Cokes we have here? Bad enough whenever you see a sign in that place it’s written in both English and Spanish, but now their selling foreign stuff when American industry is failing so miserably. Baffles the mind.

Keep looking toward the setting sun, for there is where you may find me lurking amongst the shadows.


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