2010 Movie Review

2010 was a slow year for movie watching, so I did not write a monthly movie blog as I did in 2009. I don’t know, it just seemed to be a slow year. Not many movies that came out at the box office really appealed to me enough to even waste money at matinee prices to see nor were there many new releases worth renting from my local video store. But there were a few worthy of my attention.
First, there was "Twilight". This movie was way overhyped but still was a decent story. I’m not usually one for lovesick teen movies but I like vampire movies so I thought I would check it out. A nice date movie if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s basically about a teenage girl named Bella who, after her mother remarries, moves away from home in Arizona to live with her father in the state of Washington. She was sort of an outsider, not really fitting in to any specific cliques (boy can I relate even as an adult). She falls in love with the mysterious Edward Cullen played by curiously cute Robert Pattinson. The two somehow get drawn together and fall in love. After a short while Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, discovers why Edward and other members of his "family" act so strangely. They’re vampires! The movie does get quite cheesy at times (vampires are not supposed to sparkle!) but as far as cheesy teen romance with a dash of adventure movies go it was good enough to get me to watch the second installment of the saga which turned out to be a Bella whinefest. "New Moon" was okay but they should have stopped with the first movie of the series because it seems that it is all downhill from there.
"Alice in Wonderland" was strange, bizarre, surreal, very Tim Burton. Mr. Burton has once again brought on Johnny Depp and a cast of many notable actors to tell a well crafted tale in his own weird but cool image. The story begins with a now 19 year old Alice about to get engaged to a total dork of a man. She wanders away from her engagement party to ponder whether or not to go through with her engagement and comes across a white rabbit which she follows and ends up falling into a hole, finding herself in the strange land of her childhood nightmares. This world has changed a bit though, seems darker. She now has to slay the Jabberwocky and overthrow the red queen and return power to the white queen in order to return to her own world. Was worth the rental.
"Iron Man 2" was another good enough to go to the theatre to see on the big screen. As many know, I love a good comic book hero vs. villain action adventure. Billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is in the public eye now as everyone knows his superhero alter ego and is pressured by the government to share his technology which he will not do willingly. So now he and his friends must deal with a new batch of enemies wanting his secrets. Great action flick, recommending this one if you like action movies.
"Toy Story 3", yes I enjoy the occasional animated movie, is every bit as good as the first two films. Little Andy is all grown up now and is on his way to college and unfortunately must leave his beloved toys behind as he ventures into adulthood. The toys accidentally get donated to a daycare center instead of going into the attic for storage and there the adventure starts as the new toys are introduced to the daycare veterans, many of whom are not very nice. And Woody at the same time must convince his friends that they were not abandoned and they try to make their way back home.
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows" is another well made installment to the Harry Potter series. Voldemort is growing stronger and is in control of the ministry of magic. Harry and is friends are now on a quest to defeat him and restore order to the world of the wizards. This movie rebuilds momentum many may have felt had been lost with the previous film (hey it was a storyline connector what you expect?) and leaves you hungry for the second part to be released in 2011. I admit, when the first Harry Potter movie came out years ago I didn’t think I could get into the series but by the second film I was hooked and cannot wait for what is sure to be an exciting conclusion.
There you have it, my picks for 2010 flicks. Keep your eyes to the setting sun.

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