Took a browse through Facebook on a whim tonight.  I’m not sure if my sister was actively looking for me or if Facebook looked into her contact lists and automatically sent me an invite (to the email address I don’t use for Facebook I might add lol) so I just looked at her profile and glanced at her friends list and omg could not believe how many relatives and sort of relateds I actually have on there. So I’m not going to add her unless she physically asks me because really do I want family and family of family knowing just how much of a basketcase I really am?  That I truly am a failure in life just as much as they are?  How screwed up I am?  How much I despise my life and the world around me?  And some of these relatives do I even want to have contacting me after not having heard from them in nearly a decade or more?  Most of them that have been around me never saw the real me just my mask.  Many of them I would probably prefer to have them keep away as families have a way of disappointing.  Not that I use my Facebook much anyways, just a few select friends there, as I am usually on here or myspace for blogging and I don’t do all those cheesy apps (I have Everquest for wasting time).  I keep in contact with my parents, sister, nephews, bro-in-law, an awesome aunt, a couple of uncles and about 5 cousins here and there by either phone or actual visitation and I love them and that is all I really need.  As far as the rest of my family and old school mates, I would rather not reopen old wounds.  Scary though knowing how anyone and everyone can find you nowadays.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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