I am so tired of people using the excuse "They’re from a different era." when an older person decides to spew racist terms. Not long ago, I was visiting with some people most of whom are elderly by my standards. The old folks were going about their conversations as most do when one of them began nonchalantly describing someone of mixed race as a "zebra".  I must be getting soft because all I did was hold my tongue so as not to make war, though secretly I really wanted to put her in her place sooooo bad.  I used to have no problem at all telling my dad or my grandparents where to stick it when they would let an inappropriate word slip from their lips, and this was long before I ever found out I had more then just white in my ancestry.  I just automatically felt racism was wrong, guess I was ahead of my time.  My dad was not inherently racist and never really used certain terms outside of a joke so nobody really took offense, though on occasion his parents strict white southern upbringing would bubble to the surface usually when my sister or I would bring up the subject of dating lol.  I grew up in one of the most ethnically diverse areas west of New York so I learned early on that racism was wrong.  But the older generations keep fanning the flames of hatred and many kids who didn’t have the advantage of being in the middle of diversity learn from these older people therefore infecting yet another generation with bigotry.  Not everyone can go to a school with more diversity than the United Nations.  When confronted, most use the aforementioned "different era" excuse.
NEWS FLASH…AGE, ERA, BIRTHPLACE IS NO EXCUSE TO BE A BIGOT. When will people realize, the older generation impresses their values upon the newer and when taught no different will carry on what they were taught and then spread that to the next generation after them. Because of all this, the world is never going to have any peace.  People fighting over cultural differences or because of skin color is just as idiotic as fighting over who’s religion is correct.  It needs to stop!

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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