Back Again, Or Have I Ever Really Left?

Heyyyy long time no see. Just haven’t been real inspired lately. Been rushing around so much, inspiration hasn’t had time to catch up. Between work, being depressed, going insane, who has the time for anything? My weeks are so stuffed that when I do come to the weekends, I don’t feel like doing anything other than vegitate even when I know there’s stuff needing done still, not even entered anything in my private livejournal in like five months. As for my movie reviews, I’ve gotten requests to bring it back so that will most likely happen. Up until a couple weeks ago though, I haven’t really seen many movies. Winter was quite lackluster when it came to movies this year, but spring holds some promise. My brain is, as always, a whirlwind. I shall strive to blog more though in 2010. See you on the flip side.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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