October Movie Blog

October was another month of slim pickin’s. Seems most of the good seasonal stuff is reserved for cable nowadays. Did manage to catch a few favorites though.
First one is a must see classic Halloween. Just as Christmas holds some classics people must watch every year or it’s just not Christmas, Halloween has it’s own batch of movies that put you into the holiday mood. This one is not a horror flick but does have some elements of classic sci-fi/horror films and flips them over and inside out and throw in some singing and dancing for good measure. It’s the cult classic from 1975 "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick, Richard O’Brien (who also wrote the orignal musical play), among others including a cameo by musician MeatLoaf. The film starts off innocently enough, two lovebirds attend a wedding and then after a cheesy song and dance number the two get engaged themselves. Cut to a rainy night, the newly engaged couple’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere (classic Halloween stuff here lol) and have to get out and search for a house that may have a phone. Remember, it’s the 1970s, there are no cell phones yet. They come across a creepy looking mansion on a hill and knock on the door. Once inside, the two are invited to stay the night by the master of the house then all weirdness breaks loose. Tim Curry in fishnets and high heels singing about being a sweet transvestite, need I say more? It’s goofy, it’s fun, the music is infectious, give in. Everyone loves candy on Halloween, even your brain!
Another must see Halloween favorite of mine is also another comedic movie. This one from the spoofmaster himself, Mel Brooks. This time, Mel takes on Mary Shelley’s "Frankenstein" with his version entitled "Young Frankenstein". Shot entirely in black & white (unusual for the 1970s) to give the movie that old classic horror movie feel. Gene Wilder plays the grandson of the original Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who we all know by now created a monster by transplanting a brain into a dead body and the results were not good. After years of trying to get away from his grandfather’s reputation, Dr. Frederick Frankenstein inherits his grandfather’s castle. There he discovers his grandfathers library and laboratory where the famous creation was made. With the help of Igor (Marty Feldman) and Inga (Terri Garr), the good doctor recreates Frankenstein’s monster (Peter Boyle), monster breaks loose, villagers panic and break out the torches and pitchforks. It’s a classic horror story laced with sight gags, old jokes, bad accents, and plenty of goofs, classic Mel Brooks. An interesting side note, many of the props including the lab were those used in the original 1931 "Frankenstein" starring Boris Karloff.

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