Hey yeah finally got around to posting my June movie pics. Been so busy lately and then on the couple days of rest I was in one of those blah moods where ya just don’t feel the energy. Here’s a few movies you might find enjoyable. One is a brand new flick and the others are available on video/DVD however you want to say it.
First, a delightful family friendly adventure from the folks who brought you such classics as "Toy Story", "The Incredibles", "Wall-E" and many more. Disney/Pixar seems to have a good track record in providing entertainment that both kids and adults can both enjoy, and "Up" is no exception. "Up" starts off introducing the main character, Carl (voiced by Ed Asner), as an adventuresome young lad in the 1920s/1930s who, while pretending he was a famous explorer, meets up with an equally imaginative and adventuresome little girl and they become fast friends and later on get married. All through their lives they never gave up their dream of going off and exploring for real just like their childhood hero. Of course things kept popping up in their lives preventing them from traveling. Years go by and Carl, now an old widower, just gets totally fed up with all that is going on around him and just as you’ve seen in the promotions he takes flight in his old rickety house with the aid of many helium filled balloons. And along the way all sorts of things happen. The comedy in this film is not the mind dulling dribble that seems to pass for funny that you find in many movies of late which means it can be funny to those of us with more than just two brain cells to rub together. Many times I’ve laughed so hard it hurt lol. There’s also a few points in which you may find yourself misty eyed and a lump in your throat. I couldn’t really find any negative points. This is a fun movie, one that lets you and your inner child smile. Me, I killed my inner child ages ago but at least I was able to smile a little.
Another fine film was the 1998 film "Elizabeth". Cate Blanchett, who in my opinion should have won the oscar that year for her performance, plays young Queen Elizabeth I of England. While I really would not recommend this movie as research for a history paper as some things might be questionable as to their accuracy, this is a well acted drama centered around the early days of Elizabeth’s reign starting with the death of her childless half sister Queen Mary. The Protestant Elizabeth was next in line of succession which of course did not sit well with the Catholics and those loyal to Mary. Needless to say, there were conspiracies and plots to get rid of Elizabeth who rose above all and asserted herself as queen during a turbulent time in England’s past. With actors like Geoffrey Rush, Christopher Eccleston, and Richard Attenborough in the lineup alongside Blanchett, it has to be a winner.
And lastly, we have 2008’s "The Incredible Hulk" starring Edward Norton as the often mild mannered scientist Bruce Banner who when angry becomes the big green guy with an attitude. A science experiment goes horribly wrong, infecting Dr. Banner with gamma radiation. From then on he struggles to control the beast within. Of course some military guys would rather harness the power of the Hulk for their own means, and of course all hell breaks loose as they try. This is an excellent adaptation of the comic book, much better than the attempt by Ang Lee a few years before which sucked pretty badly. Those of us who remember watching the tv series back in the late 70s/early 80s will also find a few nods to the show. And as with all movies about the Marvel superheroes, keep an eye out for Stan Lee of Marvel Comics who always makes a cameo appearance in any and all Marvel character based films. The acting is good, I feel Norton was spot on as Banner and Liv Tyler did well as the doctor’s love interest, and the action is what you would expect from a good comic book turned live action film. Forget the 2003 version and see this one.

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