Well hey there good readers of my sporadic blog  I will have my movie picks for March up hopefully by this weekend, saw a couple you may or may not enjoy depending on your tastes. Would have posted already but as the title to this particular entry states, this is one of THOSE weeks. The week where every single day something, or a series of somethings, crops up to make the day so horrid you wish you stayed in bed. You might ask, "But Phoenix, doesn’t every day suck for you?" This is true, but some are worse than others.
Case in point, take Monday. Early Monday morning I awoke to the sounds of shattering glass, and I still had less than 2 hours of sleep to try and grab before waking up officially for job #1. I go to bed at 1am to be awake by 6am to get ready for said job. The bf had to be up a few hours earlier than me to be at work by 4am. Well he clumsily knocked over one of my glasses off of the kitchen counter. Seems whenever a glass is broken my day is shot, I’m jinxed the whole day. I get to work a couple minutes late because some idiot decides to drive 25 in a 50mph zone. Luckily I don’t think anybody noticed much. I’m given an editing assignment, to insert some adverts into a pretaped hockey game sent from an outside source. No problem there, the other projects I am a bit ahead of schedule on. Well whoever the brainiace in charge of that production was needs a refresher course on the finer points of video production, like how to fade to black before a break, leaving enough black so the editor can fill the holes without screwing up anything that is to come after, and to fade back up from black when returning after a break. Not only that, there was a whole half hour of nothing but rubbish on the tape before the actual event, so I had to copy the whole hour or so onto another tape. If you know anything about copies, when you make a copy of a copy of a copy the quality degrades a bit. Job #2 wasn’t much better, people impeding my progression as always.
Won’t bore you with the rest of the days, too much to really write down, I’ve probably already stopped being interesting to you by now. If I make it through this week with an ounce of my insanity left it will be a miracle. But I will say happy spring! Springtime has arrived in Michigan as always a couple weeks after the official first day of spring. Saw a couple of flowers in my front yard already blooming and I can now have my jacket unfastened outdoors when it’s sunny. 
Anybody got some money to buy me a nice strong drink? Think I will be needing one come the weekend.
Be well, and keep your eyes to the setting sun.

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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