Movie Picks for Jan. / Feb.

Ok, for this one I combined January and the beginning of February.
First up, the original "Little Shop of Horrors" directed by Roger Corman, the king of low budget films who went on to produce many films and sparking the careers of many a good well known actor and director.  It also features a young and unknown Jack Nicholson. For a movie shot in only two days back in 1960, it was actually not bad. Do not confuse this with the musical stage play or the 1986 movie musical. This was actually originally a dark and funny horror flick with no jazzy musical numbers. A flower shop owner, whose shop nobody ever really bothers with, suddenly comes across a strange plant and all of a sudden his shop is the talk of the town. One little problem though…the new plant hungers for human blood. Look past the lack of flash special effects and fancy set designs and you will find a delightfully creepy film. I would rarely recommend a B-movie to anyone but this one is worth a watch if you enjoy the old classics.
Next, a movie just watched last night. "I Am Dina" is set in 1860s Norway and centers around a young girl who accidentally causes the death of her mother who she watches helplessly get boiled alive (very graphic scene here), is obviously traumatized by this, and is further traumatized when the father comes, upon hearing the news of the accident, and strikes the child across the face instead of comforting her. Of course she grows up very troubled and wild, much drama ensues throughout the film. I will not spoil it all for you but there is a lot of death in this dramatic piece of European cinema. Maria Bonnevie does a fine job portraying the title character, and even the supporting characters shine. A lovely foreign film untainted by Hollywood ideals. The movie also featured such notable actors as Gerard Depardieu, Hans Matheson, Mads Mikkelsen, and of course Chris Eccleston (though he does not show up until the middle of the movie and sports a Russian accent instead of his sexy native Mancunian). The majority of the cast though are largely unknown to us here in the U.S (mainly Scandinavian aside from Depardieu and Eccleston). This movie is not for youngsters as it can be quite intense, has quite a bit of violence, and sexual situations which coming from Europe is nothing but you know how people over here are, show a little chest or a bit of bum and the decency police come out in full force. Definately one to check out if you can find it.

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