Happy New Years everyone! About 23 and a half days late but if you had the month I had, you would understand lol. Had that bad cold bug that had been making its rounds around the world. What a way to kick off the new year eh? Started with the "Oh I feel like total crap" stage the week of New Years Day followed by a couple of weeks of the "I feel like I am gonna die" stage, then back to the "Feel like crap stage". Of course during my illness, everybody and their mother either acted like they were a doctor or nagged me to go see a doctor. It’s a cold people, not cholera, just because it lasts on me a little longer than on most people and my coughs sound like the barking dog across the street does not mean I need anything more than loads of rest, some hot tea and soups, and over the counter cough syrup. All some doctor is going to do is prescribe some cough syrup I cannot afford and tell me to get rest and drink lots of liquids. DUHH! So of course I ignore all these people who seem to act as if I never been sick before and I do just fine. Unfortunately I also had to work during this time AND the weather was of course crappy Michigan January. Tons of snow dumped on us and sub zero temperature to accompany me on my routes while I am in the " I want to die" stage of my cold with extra hours to boot lol. Well now I am just in the stage of the nuisance cough.
The actor to replace David Tennant in Doctor Who was announced earlier in the month. A guy by the name of Matt Smith. Way too young in my opinion, looks like they are trying to attract the teen and preteen girls who weren’t already swooning over Mr. Tennant for the last few years but at least he is like 37 or 38 right now, this guy is only in his 20s. I have my doubts but after seeing an interview I will give him a chance anyways just as I have done for #10. He will either be good or wreck a 45 year old tv series franchise that may not get a third resurrection.
New U.S. president was sworn in this week. Will be interesting to see how he does. I have my doubts that anything will get any better any time soon but one never knows. It is a historical moment though to be sure. Think it shows that the country has matured somewhat, but we still have a long way to go.
Well train of thought has derailed for now so I think I will close this blog before it gets too awfully boring. Be well and keep your eyes to the setting sun.

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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