Immortalized in Pixels

Thought this was a pretty cool thing that was done and thought I would share. According to a post on my deceased friend’s memorial page on Facebook, the game designers at Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has turned the character he played into an NPC (Non-Player Character). Vanguard is, for those that aren’t up on these things, a popular role playing game on the internet much like Everquest, World of Warcraft, etc. Vanguard was the game Luke tried getting me to play for the last few months of his life but alas my computer was just too obsolete to run it so I stuck with Everquest (where i first met him actually) as I could not afford the upgrades needed. The game looks cool and I’ve been wanting to play it but I don’t think I could now even if I were to ever finally got upgrades which probably still won’t be for some time. In Everquest he was known as Lothlann Winterfell and brother Derik Winterfell, but in Vanguard he was Kerwyn Silentblade, which was the name of one of his older EQ toons. Here is an excerpt from the post:
"As Kerwyn was such a key character in the game and a close friend to many many of us in the game world the Devs decided to make Lukes avatar the HIGHEST LVL npc in the game (a lvl 100 six dot) in memorial to Luke"
What a high honor. The pic they had of it was pretty cool looking too, wish Everquest did something like that but he was gone from that game a bit too long. Brought a tear to my eye looking at it. I would post the pic, but I do not know the owner of it. So, if anyone reading this plays Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and comes across the image of Kerwyn Silentblade, Heart of the Bladesworn, lay some flowers at his feet and a peck on the cheek for Arcades (me).

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