Back Yet Again, Consistency Has Never Been My Friend LOL

Hiyas, long time no see yet again. If they made actual blog awards I would probably get one for being the most unconsistant blogger. But for those that perhaps may know a slight little snippet about me would understand. Then again, understanding me would cause one to go insane so safest not to try. Most people just go with it
First things first, but not necessarily in that order. My writing stalled over the last couple of months just as things were about to pick up. Having a friend pass away so suddenly kinda ruins any creative juices for awhile as one goes through the mourning process. Not to say I am fully out of it, as I will forever miss him and remember the short but delightful five years of friendship we had. For those that don’t know what I am talking about, read my previous blog from May24th.
On a side note, to the one who had the nerve to tell me to get over it and stop grieving the day after I found out the terrible news and obviously has no clue, SCREW YOU!!! Go to my friend’s home town and tell that to his family and friends over there and I guarantee you will not live to see the next day buddy! Whew that felt good to get off my chest after a couple months. One thing you never tell someone grieving the loss of a friend or family member is to tell them to get over it, especially only a day or two after finding out. I felt like ripping this person’s fingers off and shoving them down their throat. My friend meant a lot to me, anyone I call friend usually does as I don’t have many.
ANYWAYYYS on to some other stuff…
Pleasant feeling day weatherwise here in southeastern Michigan after having a few days of near 90 degree weather with high humidity. Past few days, drying off after showering was pretty much useless exercise. 90 degrees may not sound like much to some people in the western U.S., but here the humidity makes it unbearable. I would take 90 degrees in Las Vegas over 90 degrees here any day. Luckily because of geography, we only get the hot and stickies for two, maybe three, months out of the year depending on where in Michigan you live.
Saw two movies at the drive-in theatre last week. Yes you saw right, DRIVE-IN lol they do still exist but they are rare. The drive-in near me offers two movies (one right after the other on the same screen) for the price of what you would pay to see one movie at a regular movie theatre, sometimes less, and you can watch both movies twice if you so chose to stay late enough. The movies watched were "Wall-E" and "Iron Man". Kind of a weird combination but both I wanted to see anyways so it didn’t matter to me. One movie being a very family-friendly little Disney adventure and the other an awesome, high intensity super hero movie that I wouldn’t recommend for small children as it can get pretty scary. Both movies I absolutely loved and encourage everyone to check out. I love my comic book hero movies and am always highly critical of them, I feel they need to be held to a certain standard especially when dealing with the more well known heroes. If there is any mucking about with the stories, I can usually tell right away. "Iron Man" I don’t think would disappoint any fans nor would it alienate people not familiar with the books. "Wall-E" was another fine example the high quality 3-d animation Disney has been dishing out lately and can be enjoyed on the adult as well as child levels.
The only downfall to the drive-in style theatres are: 1.) Sometimes the bathrooms are a loooong walk away, 2.) the obsolete speakers that hang onto the car window do not have the best of sound quality, and 3.) the annoying insects we associate with warmer weather get into your car. The upside is the aforementioned two movies for the price of one, ease of sneaking in your own snacks so you don’t have to pay the dreaded concession stand prices, and if you happen to be next to a crappy speaker the drive-in now brodcasts the audio from the movie over a close range radio frequency so if you don’t have any battery issues with your car just turn the radio on to the posted station numbers. When you don’t have much money this is the way to go folks, and you don’t have to worry about your kids being to loud and disrupting the other viewers.
Another movie I saw, just last night in fact, was a film starring Christopher Eccleston called "Second Coming". As always Chris delivers a stunning performance and shows why he is one of my two most favorite actors in the world. I happened upon it somewhat by accident, just trying to find some stuff from this actor I have not yet seen (which is a lot considering most of his stuff is done in Britain and not shown in the U.S.) Was a good film, another recommendation for yas. As you can tell by the title, it has religious overtones. C.E. plays the "Second Coming" of the Son of God, which is weird in itself seeing as how the actor is an atheist, but he does it brilliantly. Shows that the man can be tossed into any role and make the film good, kinda like Sean Connery. Can’t wait to see him in G.I.Joe lol yes I’ll probably catch that one off the internet too.
Hopefully next weekend I get to see the new Batman flick if it’s not out of the budget.
Still got both part time jobs going on. The freelance job has lasted longer than expected, which is good for me 🙂 and I am hoping it continues longer. The other job handed another store over to me to take care of so that is another good thing. So I am still afloat for now.
My geek-quest to watch every single Doctor Who episode ever made continues. After starting and stopping a few times here and there I am finaly up to the 1980 season, the last few episodes of the Tom Baker era. The 60s and 70s were truly the golden age of what fandom calls the "classic series". Looking forward to watching Doctor #5, snuck in a few episodes already during the watching of #4. And speaking of Doctor Who, the current series just wrapped up its season and damn what a good season it was too. The new companion was great and unlike the last one wasn’t always making it obvious that she was wishing the old Doc would get into her pants. That was what I didn’t like about the Martha character. Yes I know David Tennant is a hot bit of sex on legs, everyone knows that, but SHEESH let the man act the way his character should be acting! Acting is what Tennant does best and I felt they were bogging the story down too much with Martha making googly eyes at him. Donna rocked! This season’s finale was very good, a bit of a tear jerker but I won’t spoil it just in case nobody has seen it yet. Cannot wait for the specials to start coming out.
Hmmm hitting a block in writing even my blog now, so I guess it’s time to stop at the moment and if I think of something else I will come back and add on to it. So for now, take care, and keep looking toward the setting sun.

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