Do We Really Need Them Back?

It has just been recently announced that the late ’80s / early ’90s boy band New Kids On The Block are going to be having a reunion tour. Now I was one of them teenage girls who went gaga for them at the time and every so often I still pull out one of my NKOTB cassette tapes out of nostalgia, and believe it or not some of their songs are still good. Do I think they need to follow other "teeny bopper" bands like Take That and Spice Girls and have a reunion? NO! For one thing, NKOTB, Take That, The Spice Girls, and other bands of their types were actually "manufactured" just to make money off of the teen and preteen markets. Not to say these people have no talent, some CAN actually sing and dance, but their marketability to the "teeny bopper" went away a long time ago. The oldest one is 40 years old for crying out loud. There may be a trickle of money coming in from some of the fanbase they had back in the day, but that is it. They are not big rock and roll machines like Bon Jovi, The Who, Rolling Stones, etc. who have a broader appeal and still attract new fans. Their attempts at comebacks after their initial demise were met with little fanfare which should be a sign. I know it is obviously a money making scheme, but really how much do they expect to make? Their time has gone. Boy bands serve their purpose in being young and cute and delivering bubblegum pop to the kiddies but once they are done, that is it, go on to other projects. Worked well for Robbie Williams, formerly of Take That who by the way will NOT be taking part of that band’s reunion tour thankfully, he became the biggest sensation in his native England and the world over save for North America.

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