The Sci Fi Girl

As many people know, from the time I was a little child barely out of the cradle, I have always loved a good fictional story. In fact, the first show I can actually remember being enthralled by was not the normal toddler tv fare but was in fact "Star Trek". Yes, I was a sci fi geek before I knew what the term meant. Sure, I enjoyed the kiddie shows offered by a few stations back in the late 70’s before I started attending school, but that was mainly because daytime tv was usually pretty boring otherwise. You had tot tv, soap operas, game shows, talk shows, old b&w comedies that I just couldn’t understand at the time, and the news. There was no cable tv yet. When my sister got home from school, it was time for the cool cartoons, the kind with the superheroes and high adventure mixed in with the occasional oldie but goodie comedy. In the evening it got slightly boring as it was the adult’s time to watch tv and of course it starts with the news. We had one tv set in the house so the only choice was to sit quietly and watch with mom and dad or go play (we preferred the latter of course). Come prime time though, some good stuff was on. I think it was Friday nights that had on the scifi stuff that I looked forward to seeing each week. And Friday and Saturday late at night, if I managed to keep my little peepers opened past midnight, I would see some of the coolest scifi and horror movies, many of which I would forget the titles of later on. Saturday afternoons, my sister would watch what I called "The show with the funny sounding man that wears the scarf". Of course that show was really called "Doctor Who". And another one we loved to was "Battlestar Galactica". Shows like these tended to spark my already vivid childhood imagination.
I battled the Klingons with Capt. Kirk, travelled through time with The Doctor for a grand adventure, run away from the apes of "Planet of the Apes", been the princess to be saved by the dashing young hero, the warrior smiting her enemies with her magic sword, lived among the Ewoks from "Star Wars", explored distant galaxies. My parents taught me the difference between real and make believe so there was no trying to fly off the roof with a cape made from a sheet (I did that safely in the bedroom jumping between the beds lol) nor did I go in the sewers looking for monsters or freaked out when near wooded areas fearing Jason Voorhees was going to come slash me to ribbons. When I got into school, many of my stories I wrote were so imaginative they would shut my teachers up a bit. Some teachers even feared that I watched too much tv, which was not it at all. Unlike many of today’s kids, my parents made my sister and I go out into the yard and play and stretch ourselves out a bit. We had video games since I was 3 or 4 years old (I was the house champion in a game called "Defender"), but remember there was one tv in the house and when my dad came home from work, he had control of it. A lot of those times playing lent to much creating, adding to the already brimming cup of imagination inspired by tv and books. Things seemed to stick in my mind well once they got there. Was slow as molasses at learning but once I did learn, it stuck.
For some reason, probably due to certain tv shows and then later on movies provided by cable coming into the home around 1983, I hung on to science fiction style stories. Much of the comedy of the time didn’t interest me, except for a lot of the British imports shown on the local PBS station and old "Three Stooges" and "Laurel & Hardy" shows. The stuff that can actually be enjoyed at a child’s level as well as adult level. Think about it. "Monty Python" for instance, uses a lot of jokes that could mean different things depending on what age group you are. Like the word "pot" could mean one thing to a 4th grader but something totally different to an 8th grader. But, save for a few laughs here and there, comedy didn’t move me like stuff of pure fantasy with lots of adventure.
In school, I found I had a love for writing fantastic stories. Many of which would, in todays terminology, be considered fan fictions. Many stories of the time would include characters from my favorite tv shows, some of them bringing characters from diferent shows together. One major story arc I wrote up in grade school included just about every character from my favorite afterschool cartoons, which we know now as adults were geared toward selling toys. But I was never going to have any of the toys pushed to us on the tv by these cartoons so writing was my outlet for imagining playing with the characters. Later on, my writing became more sophisticated and less juvenile. Some stuff I’ve wrote would be something someone of my age shouldn’t be writing about.
As I grew older, science fiction allowed me an escape from all the crap in the world. Fantasy doesn’t rule my life but it is a nice place to visit.  I still get myself absorbed in a good story, then imagine myself in that story having the adventure of a lifetime. I am currently writing my own piece of science fiction adventure, which a couple people already said they liked the first chapter I have shown them. And yes, there are still shows I catch religiously like "Doctor Who" and if I had cable there would probably be more. I still love to settle down to a good book or the computer screen reading a novel online in a quiet room where I can let my imagination take flight. And, though I haven’t read up on them in awhile, I would always anticipate with baited breath the next installment in an "X-Men" comic book. Scifi fans are often given a bad rep by school kids but we aren’t as crazy as some other people are. We are just artists needing an outlet.

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