Reposting of an old poem of mine.

I was bored and decided to repost an old poem of mine here. I normally don’t share my poetry with others, only a selected and trusted few, but this one still seems to fit the present days and for those who haven’t seen it when I first posted this a couple years ago, here it is. It is titled "Sad But True" and was written by me back in 2004.
Sad But True
From the earliest days when life went into motion,
we sought out to destroy all within our view.
With the Creator gone, chaos runs rampant
the brother he kills and the sister she steals.
Never have there been a more malevolent sort,
innocence has gone, or was it ever really there?
"My invisible man is better than yours!"
So let’s start a war and see who is right.
Thousands of years later, it still rages on,
dragging in others who have their own problems to sort.
It never fails to astonish me as I look around
to see this race has still not grown.
What once was will always be
sad but true, ’til the end of time
J. Kirkpatrick
copyright 2004

About DarkPhoenix

I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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