Good Questions!

Here is a question to throw at both the creationists and evolutionists:
Evolution Theory Flaws
First of all, if Darwin was right and we evolved from apes and monkeys, then why do apes and monkeys still exist? And I swear I have seen a few Neanderthals in my time.  Why couldn’t humans evolve from other humans?  Sure we look similar and could possibly be cousins, but direct lineage?  I don’t think so.  If we came from monkeys and apes then there should be no living monkeys and apes.  Sorry Darwin but my ancestor back in the cave dwelling times did not come from the simian line.
Creationism Theory Flaws
I will get flack for this one I know, but I just find it hard to believe "Adam" and "Eve" were not cavepeople.  I can accept the fact that there were no dinosaurs mentioned in religious texts since the great beasts were wiped out by a cataclysmic event a million or so years before humans started popping up and ancient humans would not have bothered trying to analyze the past since the species itself did not have much of a past yet and for all they knew the earth was fresh and new.  Which brings me to another point: The earth could not have been created in six days since there was about a billion years or more, that we know from scientific evidence, of the planet existing before humans and other animals.  Not saying religious texts are 100% wrong in what is written in them, as there has been some findings by archeologists to support some of the stories found in the books.  But the creation theory is all made up.  Created by early humans to try to explain something they knew nothing about.

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