Who Really “Discovered” the Americas?

American history books, and the government with their Columbus Day crap, would have us all believe that America was discovered by this Italian who was hired by Spaniards to find a new way to the Indies.  While he was sailing across the ocean, he bumped into what is now North America.  This "discovery" was applauded, and because he was able to return to Europe to document his tales, he gets the credit.  In truth, Columbus did nothing but slaughter thousands of Native Americans and ravage a once beautiful and pristine land.  They also feed into our brains the notion of this land being named after Amerigo Vespucci, which if you know how the naming of lands go, would not be correct as the first name is never used in giving a country it’s name unless the person was of royal lineage.  Surnames are used.  Well let me suggest looking deeper into history.
As my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Chandler, would always tell the class: "Columbus didn’t discover America! America was never lost!"  That woman was one of the best teachers I had growing up.  She was right, America always existed long before they gave it the name.  The following will prove this fact.
America, both the northern and southern continents bearing the name, was first settled by the Native Americans many thousands of years ago.  Incorrectly called "Indians", these nomadic people are said to have come across an ice age era bridge between present day Alaska and Russia.  There is also speculation that ancient Egyptians may have sailed across as well, which is often used to explain the pyramid building and some cultural similarities among a few select tribes.  When the ice age bridge disappeared, these ancient settlers were isolated and after time began to explore and scatter themselves.  In time, as they broke themselves up into separate tribes and scattered across the lands, each tribe developed their own unique cultures and cutoms.  Some would remain a nomadic culture, while others would find lush fertile lands in which to settle down and farm with many animals running about to hunt for their meat, clothing, shelters, and bone tools.
As far as the first white people to come over here, it would most likely be the Vikings.  Back in about 1000 A.D., Leif Ericson, son of Erik the Red, landed in present day Canada.  There is also evidence of Nordic explorations as deep inland as Minnesota.  This is a widely known and accepted part of history, yet for some reason he does not get his due credit.
There is also the legend of Prince Madog ab Owain Gwynedd of Wales.  This is lesser known but still important.  Prince Madog was the son of Owain Gwynedd, king of Gwynedd and most likely not a legitamate heir as it is said the king had many children most of whom were born out of wedlock therefore undocumented by the church.  In 1169 it is said, the prince and one of his brothers set sail from present day Rhos-on-Sea in Wales.  He and his crew landed in what is now Mobile Bay, Alabama.  A couple of years later after returning to Wales, he gathered some people with him for a return trip to this new land setting out from Lundy Island in 1171 never to be heard from again in Europe.  Many years later as more and more Europeans sailed over looking for adventure and riches, reports would surface of light skinned "Indians" and some reports of the natives speaking in a dialect similar to that of the Welsh.  Many believe that the Welsh Prince Madog made it back to America and the settlers he had brought with him were assimilated into the native culture.  This story would explain many ancient stone forts and walls in the midwest that predate Columbus’s visit that could not possibly have been made by any known tribe.
So now you know who really discovered America and who the first Europeans to visit really were.  I hope this has brought you enlightenment and encouraged you to delve a little deeper into the layers of history.  Interesting what one finds when they look beyond school textbooks which are usually approved by the government for use in schools.

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