Too Little Too Late

Violence has been rampant since the beginning of time.  We humans have always been bent upon killing each other, sometimes for no reason whatsoever.  The recent rash of schools being victimized is nothing new.  When I was in high school, we had weekly shootings though never making the news like those taking places in "quiet suburbia".  And of course now that violence in schools is once again taking front page news as if it were something totally new and unexpected, government and law enforcement officers as well as concerned citizens want something done.  Put in added security, place metal detectors in schools, yadda yadda yadda.  I think the real fear is the fact they don’t want bad images of their towns.  The problem of school related violence began long ago when society began to loosen up on correcting bad behavior.  Kids grow up nowadays thinking they can get away with anything, and usually do because parents and teachers are too scared to put their feet down on issues.  Spank your kid, go to jail.  Thats why I don’t have children, the law wouldn’t let me discipline them whenever they would act up.  Trying to do something about all this now is a bit like putting the fence up after the horse has already escaped from the farm.  Violent culture is now the norm, no way around it.  And no, it’s not television or the video games or messages in music.  It is human nature left unchecked for over a generation and now the human race is paying for their slack.

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