Please Speak My Language!

Here is a recurring problem I have had lately, which has gotten worse over the past 3 months.  Before that, it would only be on a very rare occasion and I would brush it off as a fluke.  The problem is of complete and total strangers all of a sudden sending me instant messages out of the blue, and if that is not strange enough, they contact me in a language other than English!  Sometimes the text would even be in totally different characters than what most of Europe uses.  Now, not that I like getting spam off total strangers, I also am not against people who are just generally looking for a new friend and find randomly messaging people as a way to try to make those new friends.  But please people before sending me any sort of text, check my profile.  What language is it written in?  The language is called ENGLISH!  For those idiots that do not know any better, English is the official language of my country known as the United States of America and our neighbors to the north, Canada (except Quebec who insist their national language is French).  So if you wish to contact me despite not knowing me from Adam, USE ENGLISH.  My profile says nothing about me being bilingual.  Sure I know a few choice words of Polish, French, and Albanian but I cannot carry a coherent sentence in those languages or any other language for that matter.  Better yet, if you don’t speak my language, don’t bother contacting me until you learn my language.  Broken English is better than absolutely no English.  I have nothing against other languages, I just don’t know them.  My country was founded by England, even though the French and Spanish also dropped by to add a bit of their spices to the brew early on adding a few of their words to those of the English settlers.  English was the majority then as it is now despite having peoples from all around the globe settling in, and nobody is going to tell me this is not so.  Looking at my profile though, one would assume I speak English.
A worse offense to me, being one who is a speaker and reader of only English, is sending me text in characters I cannot read!  I cannot read Middle Eastern text, or Indian, or Asian, or Cyrillic, or aboriginal, or Martian.  Even if you don’t know English very well, and I would not be annoyed by a person who is at least trying, please use the proper alphabet.  All those other alphabets look pretty but I can’t make heads or tails out of them.  Keep it in the script I know.  I too like meeting and chatting to new and interesting people, but I would never try to contact another person whose profile is written in another language or other script entirely.
Now, knowing these things, you can save me from having to make the extra little effort of clicking the ignore button.
I’ve also had the problem with those who speak moronese.  These are the immature jerkwads who think making new friends mean randomly messaging people asking for cybersex but never want to carry a normal, intelligent conversation.  Or the only time they ever want to talk to you is when they want to talk sex, and when you can’t they quickly log off.  I have absolutely no problem chatting naughty with my already existing buddies on my messenger lists and they know this, but they also know that there is more to me than just naughty talk.  They know I have a brain and a lot of times I like to use said brain in an engaging conversation, or even a nonsensical one from time to time.  Unless you are part of my messenger lists, do not send me a message asking me what I am wearing or what the best way to get me to orgasm is.  That type of talk is reserved for those worthy enough to be on my lists and have demonstrated a level of maturity.  Sometimes I have people on my lists not mature enough and I let them know it and they either wise up or just don’t talk to me anymore.  I know most men have big sex drives that lead them to talking sex, and I don’t mind that one bit , but a mature man will not make it a basis for conversation every second of every day of their waking lives.  There are also other engaging things to talk about like sports, the latest movie one of us has seen, where they went on holiday, hobbies, a good joke, etc.  You never know, sometimes other subjects may lead to the naughty jokes flying about and innuendos.  But please do demonstrate to me that you are not a little 13 year old.
For those people on my messenger lists who may read this, this blog does not apply to you as you are already in my circle of friends and I love and value you all

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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