Movies on a Budget

Recently, against my better judgement as a poor person, I saw a couple of movies at the theatre. Now, $8.75 may not seem like much to you but when you make next to nothing, it’s a lot of money. But my b.f. was insistant so twice this month we went to the movies and they were good. First one was "Cars", it’s a cutesy film but somewhat entertaining. Loads of the obvious auto racing and general car references but still enjoyable if you wish for just a light comedy that you could actually take a child to. Now the second film was "Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest". Awesome movie for those of us who like the old fashioned pirate adventure story with a few sparks of funny thrown in to lighten the moods. And plus, it has Orlando Bloom in it once again 🙂 always a good thing.
There are my movie picks for this summer for those of us who cannot afford to go all the time. The new Superman movie looks cool too, so try catching a matinee those are always cheaper by a couple bucks.

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