Stupid is as Stupid Does

14 year old suing because she was raped, that is one to put up on the list of America’s most frivolous lawsuits. What ever happened to taking responsibility? I find as I get older people are getting more and more stupid. I am surrounded by complete morons on this planet. If parents, unfortunately many of whom have less brains than an ant, would teach their children some common sense then crap like children getting raped or kidnapped by online predators would not happen. Remember back in the 80’s when every elementary school and even many of the sitcoms of the day would warn families about "stranger danger"? That stuff was drilled into our heads yet parents nowadays, many around my age, don’t preach the same philosophy to their kids. Well this is what happens folks. I understand that today’s working parents cannot be constantly watching over their kids shoulders, but at least instill in them some knowledge. Especially in today’s world where it is easier for a predator to hide and lure kids to them. One can be any age they choose to be on the internet. I could easy enough pretend to be a 15 year old boy and get a young girl to think I fancy her, get her to give me her home address and phone number then BOOM! Parents, use common sense and teach your children common sense. It is not for society to teach these values it is YOU. If your kid gets hurt by someone or hurts someone else then it is your fault for not teaching them different beforehand. Teach them not to give out personal info on the net and discuss with them consequences and don’t sugarcoat the issue. Be involved in what they do. Do not make them afraid to come to you for advice on subjects that may be touchy, do not shy away from discussing things that need to be discussed. See something starting to happen, nip it in the bud as soon as possible. In my opinion, kids should not have open access to internet not even instant messengers until they are at least 16. I know I sound like an old lady when I say that but hell if you cannot raise them to mature naturally then oh well. Many, not all, people under 16 do not have the maturity level to understand consequences. I have actually seen some teenagers show a glimmer of promise in their brains thoug it is a rarity. But most young people never get told about hidden dangers, or that negative actions are wrong and result in negative response, so they think the world is all sunshine and lollipops and that nothing in the world can happen to them. WAKE THEM UP PLEASE! We may be highly evolved animals but are animals nonetheless and if you know anything about the animal kingdom, the weak and uneducated are killed.
And people wonder why I have so many doubts about the advancement of the human race!

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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