When Does it End?

It has been a sad couple of days for me and many others around the world. Cowardly bombers struck again, this time in the great city of London, England. May not have been on as large a scale as 9/11/01 but is still just as tragic. Though I am American, I still grieve for those lost or injured. What praytell, have any of them people done to deserve such atrocity? Pains me to see such evil in the world, and a country’s hands being too tied up to be able to do a damned thing about it.
I say do away with the antiquated United Nations and lets go after these people who keep targeting innocent civilian lives. If it weren’t for the UN, I think we would have nabbed many of these terrorists by now and maybe even the head honcho himself. And though I don’t care much for the president, I am tired of people blaming him and Tony Blair for all that is going on. Things have been brewing for centuries here people don’t be blind! Things just decided to now within the past few years come to a head and it is going to get worse no matter who is in control of the U.S. and U.K.. These groups doing the bombings and giving a generally peaceful religious group a royally bad name need to be stopped at all costs and needs to be done as soon as possible before any more people needlessly get killed. I admit taking both eyes off of them and focusing on Iraq wasnt the smartest move but that situation had to be dealt with as well. But hopefully this unfortunate incident will move focus again to where it needs to be and catch the ones in charge. Terrorists are nothing more than cockroaches which are hard to get rid of no matter how many exterminators you throw in, but you kill the breeders (leaders) then at least it halts them for a bit.
Another thing, if I ever hear of any of my fellow Americans asking how come London did not get as much happen to them as New York did, you better NEVER let me catch you crossing my path or something very awful will happen to you. I am generally a nice person but you don’t want to push me because I push back. This comment stems from a report from a friend of mine who saw a creep ask this very question in a chatroom.
Support our troops and those of our allies and take care of some business!

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I am an open book. My pages are just stuck together.
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